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Louie Chapman


Louie Chapman is a professional working actor based in Los Angeles who graduated from the prestigious acting school ‘The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts’ with alumni Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, Jessica Chastain, Robert Redford, and  Adrien Brody, to name but a few. Whilst in his final company year where only 20 select students were chosen, eager to begin his career he scored the leading role of Edgar in a professional production of King Lear with Tony award-winning director Tony Tanner. He was all set to become a Shakespearean actor until he was scouted during a talent showcase by his former manager from Luber Roklin (now represented by More/Medavoy management),  who had different designs for him,  putting him forward for countless main roles in film and TV. 

Louie then started building up his portfolio in the industry with projects such as Dauntless starring Judd Nelson and C. Thomas Howell, TimeCrafters starring Denise Richards and Malcolm McDowell (currently in post-production), Komanndo 1944 earned over 165+ international awards and has currently qualified for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. He can next be seen in the independent Sci-Fi Feature THE DRESDEN SUN opposite Christina Ricci, as well as A ROYAL CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR alongside Brittany Underwood.


Selected filmography

  • Production poster
    A Royal Christmas Holiday
    • Character: Louis
    • Year: 2023
  • Alt production poster
    The Dresden Sun
    • Character: Ross Vilmore
    • Year: 2023
  • Production poster
    TimeCrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove
    • Character: Mountjoy
    • Year: 2020
  • Production poster
    A Royal Christmas Engagement
    • Character: Patrick
    • Year: 2020
  • Production poster
    They're Inside
    • Character: Louie
    • Year: 2019
  • Production poster
    Kommando 1944
    • Character: Calhoun
    • Year: 2018
  • Production poster
    The After Party
    • Character: Kane
    • Year: 2016